Mad Skillz

As my doctor noticed at my last check-up, all that Tummy Time is paying off. Just check out how well I can prop myself up:I must have some huge muscles!! Not only can I lift my head up well, but (not unlike the fiddler crab) I am now able to scoop objects toward my mouth -- all the better to experience them fully. Today's experiences included my burp cloth and Skwish toy, among others.

So, that's the news. I gots me some mad new skillz.


Preppy is back

Having been declared a whopping a whopping 15 pounds at my check-up yesterday, it became obvious it was time for a new wardrobe. Fit-wise, my 0-3 month clothes weren't cutting it. Fortunately, thanks to my Grandmas and Aunts, I had some pretty sweet outfits in reserve, including this one:

Preppy is back! 'Nuff said.

Happy B-day, Grandpa!

What can I say? I've had only one birthday myself, and don't remember it so fondly (lots of squeezing, bright lights, and cold air), so I can't figure out why everyone gets so excited about birthdays. Regardless, I hope Grandpa had a happy one! I wonder if he got squeezed.


Unca Sean

It turns out Mommy has something called a "brother", which means I have an "uncle!" His name is Sean, and he came to visit last weekend. He knows a lot about babies, so I liked him right away. Plus, he's super-tall, so I can see a lot over his shoulder:
We had a really fun time with Uncle Sean, and we can't wait to see him again soon.


Cutest. Boy. Ever.

There are those among you who, for your own reasons, will disagree with my claim. To you, I ask you to gaze again upon my countenance:

Now, that's just CUTE.