I went to Arizona and Mommy finally remembered to take pictures

In early January, Mommy and I went to Arizona to see the Wilson side of the family. Helen and Damian and I all got to spend a lot of time together and played so much! Jane had to go to school but we still got to play together a bunch.
Jane lost a tooth!We all had fun with the Zhu Zhu Hamsters Nanna got us for Christmas!
Helen and Damian and I went to the Desert Museum with Mommy and Uncle Sean. There were snakes! (...and gila monsters, and lizards, and scorpions, and javelinas, and mountain goats, and otters, and hummingbirds, and lots of other desert fauna and flora!)
There was prospecting! (We found quartz and pyrite!)We got to be paleontologists!We had snacks!We were so tired afterwards.
Mommy and I went to the indoor playground to see Diana and Sasha. Sasha is so big now!

Aunt Ethan took me to see her horse Mystic. I was a little shy at first, but eventually I was brave and pet her. She was soft.

We also ate Mexican food, went to the playground, and wore T-shirts in January. We had a very fun time!


The Family Band

I organized it myself!

P.S. Mom and Dad, Oberlin wants its degrees back.


It Snowed

Remember that day last month when a foot of snow got dumped on the Midwest? Mommy and Daddy both got a snow day, and we made the most of it! Not that I would agree to get on the sled or anything.



Decorating for Hanukkah

Mmmm, latkes!

Note: the rest of Hanukkah was not documented photographically as Mommy and Daddy decided I was big enough to help light the menorah, so spent most of their time keeping me from setting fire to the house.

Then, we got to celebrate Christmas, too. So many holidays! So many presents!

I was super sticky after my very first candy cane.

What's Christmas without cookies? And a dog to accompany your cookie baking with overly loud drinking?



There was a little boy...

...who had a little curl, right in the middle of his forehead!

Eventually, once the curls start to obstruct my vision, Mommy and Daddy will have to consider cutting my hair for the very first time. But not yet.