Welcome, Summer!

Skills update: I...
  • - regularly crawl on my hands and knees instead of on my belly
  • - can speak multiple words, some intelligible, almost all animal-related (woof, roar, oink, moo, duck, dog... and, oh yeah, Dad)
  • - can sign even more words (useful stuff: eat, milk, more, help, all done, and please)
  • - have trained my parents to get me Cheerios by pointing at the cereal cabinet
  • - can often get food onto a spoon OR a fork, and then get that food into my mouth
  • - am cutting two new teeth (upper molars)
...and just to top off my achievements, today I stood briefly under my own power. Look out, world!



Mama is HI-larious!

[Warning: this video contains gratuitous giggling and high levels of hilarity, and as such may be suitable only for grandparent viewing (i.e., Rated G).]


Going Solo

Sure, Daddy was a good four hands partner, but I think my playing has matured enough that it's time to go solo: