Can you find 6 differences between these two photos?

How about just one? Like how HUGE that baby has gotten??

Still cute, though.


A Warm, Sunny Day

Memorial Day found us with beautiful, sunny weather here in Madison. We celebrated with a summery outfit, a dip in the pool (in the shade -- have you seen my skin tone?!), and a cook-out. I wasn't a fan of the pork loin, but the garlic mashed potatoes were good, and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the big serving bowl full of broccoli. Fortunately, I have recently learned to sign the word "More."


I Concur

My folks had a party on Saturday (something about Mommy slipping the chains of grad school?), and one of their good friends (and wonderful chef!), Bridgette, brought hummus:

I agree somewhat with my friend Helen's assessment, but wonder if she's ever tried hummus on a carrot. Seems to make a difference.


My First Word

Sure, I've been verbal for a while now. I've been tossing around a few syllables, often remarking, "Dah" when I see the dog or Daddy, but I haven't really said any particular syllable with enough regularity or precision to have it identified as an actual word. That all changed this week:

That's right, woof! Why woof? So my parents can plague me with stories about it for years to come.