It went to eleven

I have survived my very first rock show. Woo! I am hard core.

They Might Be Giants had a family show in Madison today, and as I am a huge fan of "Here Come the 123s" and "Here Come the ABCs," Mommy and Daddy got us all tickets. I was a little uncertain at first, since it was dark and there were so many people. We sat way up at the back of the balcony, and I clung to Mommy like a baby monkey. The band started out by playing one of my favorite songs ever, "The Seven Days of the Week," which helped. I was not a fan of the ear plugs M&D brought, but I found out that if I put one ear on Mommy's cheek and Mommy put her hand over my other ear, that made for good sound balance. In between songs, I remarked, "It's going to be loud soon." I watched intently and at the end of the show, I clapped and blew TMBG a kiss. They handed out sticker sheets (we got ours from Marty Beller), and I spent the car ride home putting stickers on my legs. Mommy and Daddy aren't really sure what I thought of the concert, since when they ask me about it all I say is, "It was loud." I liked the hand stamp and the stickers, though, and probably don't have permanent hearing damage.

And then we went home and watched the whole DVD for "Here Comes Science." Woo!