Fire truck!

We went to the Middleton Easter Egg Hunt, at which there were approximately 500 children and 30 eggs. Because Mommy and Daddy refused to run down other toddlers or throw elbows, we missed out on the eggs. I managed to avoid disappointment given the large number of emergency vehicles available at the shindig to clamber on and in. I even got to go for a ride on a 1920's fire truck and ring the bell! Ding ding!! It backfired a lot and I thought it was fun.



Hi! Mommy and Daddy finally got some time off, so we all headed to Florida for some much needed sun, surf, and relaxation. To get there, we went on 2 airplanes! They went up, up! I was fascinated by this process and wanted to talk to everybody on the plane. In Florida, it rained a lot, but we still got enough sun to go to the pool, the playground, the zoo, and the beach. Thanks to the humidity, we also discovered that I have curly hair! I had a great time. I spent a ton of time playing with Grandma and Grandpa and had so much fun that I took 3 to 3 1/2 hour naps every day. Wow! I hope we can go to Florida again someday and have more fun.

In the pool with Mommy
Reading stories with Grandpa
Apres swim with Grandma
Beach boys Liev and Daddy
(2 redheads = lots of sunscreen!)