Merry Christmas!

Not sure who this guy is, but everybody here seems to think he's pretty cool. He said to look for his handiwork on December 25th. Wonder what that's all about.


Peas and Carrots, Carrots and Peas

Continuing along my solid food adventure, I have discovered that carrots:

Peas: ...disgusting.

Just, you know, FYI.


Chappy Chanukah!

I hope you-all are enjoying your latkes and chocolate gelt! I'm too young for those, but not for long. Know why? As of last Friday, I am the proud owner of my very first tooth!! I'm so big!!!

Maybe now that I'm so big, Mommy and Daddy will let me help light the menorah? Doubtful.


So Hungry!

I sure am a growing boy these days! I'm growing so fast and needing so many calories that Mommy and Daddy thought it might be time to start me on some solid food. My response: What the heck is "solid food?!" Turns out, it's not so solid, it tastes a lot like Mommy's milk, and is somehow related to something called "rice." It also turns out that I am a natural when it comes to eating with a spoon. Just watch me go!