My new ride

Ain't she sweet?? LATCH car seat anchors for safety and leather seats for easy clean-up (some of us have been known to spit up from time to time). I even got myself a chauffeur, a little lady I like to call "Mommy." Just until I get my driver's license...


Oh, Yeah!

So, I raided Dad's closet and found some totally retro duds. They fit me perfectly! Check out my 70's style:

Oh, yeah! Just call me "Disco Liev!"


Lookie what he can do!

Man alive, I've been busy this past week! I've learned so many things...

- I've started joining in on conversations (no words, but my coos and gurgles speak multitudes).
- I found a new volume setting for when I'm really P.O.'ed (yes, I do go to 11).
- My smiles are coming more frequently and seem to be tied to actual people/events.
- And I've spent some time discovering that I have appendages. Hands. Feet. Whoa.

Turns out, the small bits on the end of my hands (fingers? My vocab acquisition is lagging) can be good for a little nosh when I'm hungry or fussy. Here I demonstrate my alternative hand positioning technique for thumb sucking. It'll be all the rage in Paris soon.


Thankyew, thankyewverymuch...

Why do Mommy and Daddy insist on dressing me in outfits with collars? Don't they know babies have no neck?

On the other hand, when I manage to get the collar turned up, and a couple of buttons undone, it makes for a pretty sweet "Baby Elvis" effect. Makes me wanna sing. "Since my baby left me..."


Hair Club for babies? Plus, a nice day

Here I am, not even 6 weeks old, and I find (to my despair) that my hair is falling out! Mommy says that if I take after her, I won't have hair again until preschool. How embarrassing! Let's hope I take after Daddy. In the meantime, I'll be searching the pharmacy for baby-strength Rogaine.

Fortunately, I had an otherwise lovely day. I showed my school spirit (apparently Mommy and Daddy met at some place called "Oberlin"),

had some laughs,

got another bath (no inappropriate photos this time) and enjoyed my comfy towel afterwards.

I'm pooped!! Off to bed...


Special Guest Photographer

So this morning Mommy and I went to the farmer's market for a date with Aunts Sue and Sheri. We had a great time. Not only did I get some cool new kicks (which you'll see later -- they're still a bit too big for me), but Aunt Sue took some nice photographs of me. She totally knows what she's doing with a camera. It's nice to work with a pro once in a while, unlike those haphazard "photo shoots" (if you can call them that) I have with Mommy and Daddy.

Here are the shots.

This is me blowing some bubbles.

Here's my foot.

This is me holding someone's finger. (We think it's Sheri's but it was such a busy morning I can't remember for sure).

Here's my hand by itself.

And here's my hand in the grass.

Aren't they nice? And Sue is just learning to use her new camera (this is her 1st digital camera), so I imagine her photos will get even better over time. Wow! Maybe she'll take some more photos of me soon.



More Gender Equality

I think I remember being upside-down inside of Mommy at some point, but now I seem to be right side up on Daddy. Weird! ...but warm and snuggly.

Mommy says that now Daddy can experience the fun and back pain of carrying around a 9-pound infant (well, 12 pounds at last estimate).

Mommy's also trying to find a way for Daddy to experience 16 weeks of nausea, 12 weeks of constantly having to pee, and 6 weeks of extremely awkward stitches. I wonder what that's all about.


Gender Equality

I learned today that Daddy is good for more than diaper changes and snuggles. Turns out, he makes milk, too! Whoa. It comes out of this strange contraption that reminds me of my pacifier, but it tastes basically the same as Mommy's milk.

Hm. If I knew anything about gender roles, I'd have to rethink my societally informed assumptions.


Biscuits and (Wavy) Gravy

Today I suffered one of many insults I'm sure to endure as I grow up -- Mommy and Daddy used me to play dress-up. Oh, the humanity!! Don't get me wrong; I like the individual pieces. The tie-dyed shirt is a bit retro (at least 2 times over), and it smells a little like patchouli, but it's 'groovy.' And the sandals are super-cute, but it's not like I'm walking anywhere (yet). Even the overalls are OK (although personally I prefer SevenJeans denim). I guess it's just the combination; it's like Ben Cohen and Roy Clark were somehow merged and miniaturized. Well, see what you think:

As if that weren't enough, then Daddy decided to use me as a prop in his attempt at an "Artsy" photoshoot. Now let me be clear. Where Daddy is concerned, I'll take Artsy over Fartsy any day (sadly, I get more of the latter), but I don't like all the posing. Anyway, here's a shot:

In other news, I've had a very social week. The big thing, as I understand it, is to have an entourage, and you can never start these things too early. So, I've been putting together my own little posse. In total, there are 5 of us: Me, Peter, Alex, Will, Huxley (although little Mr. Brave New World [not his namesake, I'm told] hasn't proven himself brave enough to make an appearance. He's due in late August). Anyway, I've been visiting with everyone in the crew. I saw Huxley's mom at her dissertation defense (she rocked, BTW), and I saw Peter at another dissertation defense (do Mommy and Daddy know how to show me a good time or what?!). As for Will and Alex, we had a couple of movie dates...er, I mean screenings together. We're very into film, you know.

Sadly, I don't have a picture of all of us, but I'm working on it. In the meantime, here's a "pre-entourage" shot:

[Left to Right: Will, Me, Alex, Peter, Huxley]

So yeah, it's been a busy week. I'm pretty tired. And since I'm still a little miffed at Mommy and Daddy's about the dress-up thing, I've had to find a new snuggle partner.

Not bad. Not bad at all...