Just before the weather turned cold, I went to see my friends Turing and Huxley in their new home town. We had >36 hours of play date with no tantrums! Our moms were pretty impressed. Part of our fantastic behavior must have been due to how super busy we were - backyard stuff, indoor toys, cute little bakery, train yard, playground, downtown, children's museum, *whew!*

Background: cute bakery
Foreground: happy boys, Janel, pastries
Train's a'comin'
Train supervisors
Little monkeysSynchronized sliders

We had super fun! I hope we get to go back soon.


Summer Shots

Summer was good! I was very busy. I...

...went Mini Golfing with Alex and Lauren at The Most Fun Mini Golf Place Ever

...cheered on Daddy at his soccer matches (after all, he cheered me on at mine):
... read stories in the bathtub (why not?)
...was briefly a Star-bellied Sneetch
...had potty success, which led to prizes!
...including my Super Awesome Amazing Fun Marble Run!
...went to meet the UW cows (too big and scary!), then sampled their ice cream (way more fun!)
...and now I'm on to Fall Adventures. Pumpkin-picking tomorrow!