Grandma and Grandpa came to visit...

...and all I got was tons of attention, yummy treats, and presents:

Reading stories at the library with Grandpa

Making "pumpkin sticks" for Halloween at the Children's Museum with Grandma

Lots more cuteness captured on Grandpa's camera:

Making a call on Grandma's alarm clock

Lego surprise!

Toddler descending a staircase



I was a baseball guy! Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, and I went to Aunt Sue and Aunt Sheri's house to trick or treat, and I was a trooper. I walked up and down lots of big hills in the cold, and went to lots of houses, and ate lots of candy. It was so much fun!

Photos by Grandpa!



It went to eleven

I have survived my very first rock show. Woo! I am hard core.

They Might Be Giants had a family show in Madison today, and as I am a huge fan of "Here Come the 123s" and "Here Come the ABCs," Mommy and Daddy got us all tickets. I was a little uncertain at first, since it was dark and there were so many people. We sat way up at the back of the balcony, and I clung to Mommy like a baby monkey. The band started out by playing one of my favorite songs ever, "The Seven Days of the Week," which helped. I was not a fan of the ear plugs M&D brought, but I found out that if I put one ear on Mommy's cheek and Mommy put her hand over my other ear, that made for good sound balance. In between songs, I remarked, "It's going to be loud soon." I watched intently and at the end of the show, I clapped and blew TMBG a kiss. They handed out sticker sheets (we got ours from Marty Beller), and I spent the car ride home putting stickers on my legs. Mommy and Daddy aren't really sure what I thought of the concert, since when they ask me about it all I say is, "It was loud." I liked the hand stamp and the stickers, though, and probably don't have permanent hearing damage.

And then we went home and watched the whole DVD for "Here Comes Science." Woo!


Goodbye, summer

Fall fell. But before it did, we made it to the Splash Park one more time.


The many faces of Liev



I'm a real redhead now!

Check out my very first freckles!


Baseball tips

What I learned from our very own college-level summer baseball team, the Madison Mallards:

Other key concepts I have internalized, but did not discuss above: a big guy throws the ball. Then, a big guy tries to wack the ball! Sometimes, another big guy catches the ball.

A note for those with extremely good screen resolution: no, my name isn't Josh - I just got a really good deal on my vintage YMCA tee ball shirt.


Fun on the Farm

Both Mommy and Daddy were able to sneak out of work the morning my school went to see a farm. There were cows and chickens and llamas and rabbits and roosters and cats and ducks and turkeys and goats and lots of huge farm equipment. Oh my! We had lots of fun and petted lots of animals. Some animals were very big and we just looked at them from far away. We started off with a hayride.

Daddy learned that cow tongues are scratchy.

My friend Alex and I really liked this kitty.

I wasn't exactly sure what to do with the chick.

Here we all are! We all had a fun time and fell asleep in the van on the way back to school.


Two of a kind (kind of)

Note for the squeamish: Daddy was just playing in the dog food, not eating it.


Summer in Ohio is Pretty Nice, Too

Summer in Wisconsin

Aaahh, this is the kind of weather that gives us Wisconsinites amnesia about winters up here.
Mmmm, mulberries...


Fun with a digital camera

One - two - three - four - five!

Eyes - ears - cheeks - tongue - belly!


Aunt Ethan

Aunt Ethan came to visit all by herself on a big airplane. She is so big! And fun! I loved having Aunt Ethan here with me. We did all sorts of awesome stuff, like going to the Children's museum, going to the restaurant, playing in the yard, and then we had my birthday which Aunt Ethan made so pretty with balloons and signs and chalk. I wish Aunt Ethan could come visit every day.

P.S. Aunt Ethan and Nanna - here is a picture of me with my Rody. I am still learning to ride him. I'm very good at finding the hole where the air went in. So far, I haven't been able to get the plug out, though. Don't worry, I'll keep trying!



Well, I still have to share my birthday with that attention hog America. She does share her fireworks, though. Maybe someday I'll be able to stay up late enough to actually watch them (Zzzzz...).

Aunt Ethan came to visit! She made this pretty sign in front of my house to welcome everyone to my party.

I actually wore a hat for the 5 seconds it took to take a picture!

I loooooved the balloons!



Good eats

Birthday finger paints
(which led to a birthday bath)

It was a very fun day!