My bracket

I have participated in my very first March Madness! Mommy and Daddy helped me fill out my bracket. They suspect that my choices are heavily influenced by States I Have Heard Of, Words That Are Fun To Say, and My Favorite Sesame Street Segment (Murray Has A Little Lamb). So... Cornell, anybody?


Catching up

Mommy's been on the wards for 8 weeks (boo!), so we're all a little behind. But now we'll catch up!

Mommy has never knit a sweater before, but you'd never know from how good this one looks! Mommy presented it to me, along with a matching hat, and I said, "I don't like it!" Here I am wearing it because Mommy bribed me with cookies and TV. I still won't wear the hat, though in December I finally decided I'd wear the pumpkin hat mommy made me for Halloween. I have a very strong fashion sense and mostly wear shirts with baseballs or basketballs on them. And red, I like red.

This is my baby doll. His name is Baby Liev, or sometimes Alex or Eddy, depending on which of my two best friends is on my mind. I can feed him water in his baby bottle and then he can pee it out on his potty! This is fun, and water-pee usually goes all over the floor. I myself have a huge aversion to the potty. I throw a tantrum if anyone mentions it. This will be awkward when I go off to college and am still wearing diapers.

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I got a tattoo from one of my friends at school. It says "Friends Forever." Woo! I look so hard core.

Next post: catching up on videos!


Busy Weekend

Friday was Mommy's departmental bowling party. I did an awesome job of bowling.

Actually, it's only 6 pounds, upside-down. But I'm still sooo strong!

Check out my spare!

Then, on Saturday, I went ice skating for the first time! On a real pond! At the end of the season. On ice that could really have used a Zamboni. But I did it!

Tenney Park in late February

And Sunday we did boring stuff like errands. I have no pictures of those.