Happy Halloween!

What did you get for Trick or Treat? I got this pumpkin hat! Guess I'm a pumpkin head now.

Not satisfied to be just cute as a bug in a rug, here I demonstrate that I am also as cute as a pea in a pod. Hope you like this picture! It's the only one we took before my dog Gracie ate my peas. I didn't know that foam peas were edible, but then again all I eat is milk, so I'm not so up on other folks' eating habits.

Hope you had a happy one, and that you didn't get sick from eating candy like Mommy and Daddy did!


My First Giggle

That Daddy sure is funny!


Like Father, Like Son

Well, the weather finally got cold enough for Dad and me to rock our wooly caps from Grandma. What a couple of cuties!
I think I'm going to stop raiding Dad's closet for his old clothes, though -- what's up with trying to put babies in bags? Is that some '70's thing? I still manage to make this look good, though.


1st day of school

Today was a big milestone for me. I went to school! I got to play with new toys and people, and see lots of babies. I ate lots of milk out of bottles and took some naps. The teachers said I liked the activity mat a lot. Mommy came at lunchtime to feed me and play a little. She also went to school today, but I don't think she had as much fun as I did.
More school tomorrow! I'd better rest so I can be ready for my day.

Nanna & Aunt Ethan

Yay! I finally got to meet my Nanna and my Aunt Ethan. I was kind of shy the last time they came to visit and spent the entire time inside Mommy's tummy. Turns out, my new relatives are pretty neat when I'm on the outside, too!

Nanna likes to talk and smile with me.

Aunt Ethan is especially fun. Maybe it's because she's 12 years old? I can't wait to get some motor control so I can play with her!