I'm having a baby!

My belly bump is a balloon. Mommy's is a baby girl. I'm going to be a big brother at the end of June! So far I think this is going to be fun. I'm planning on teaching my baby sister all the cool things I know how to do, since I'm such a very big boy.



Hey, everyone, welcome to my Florida vacation!

Indoor Fun
Learning new skills
Grandma-themed stories with Grandma
Beach-themed stories with Grandpa

Outdoor Fun
At the playground - Gooooooooaaal!
In the pool with Mommy
Swimming pool kisses with Daddy
I finally went in the ocean! Yay for bravery!

(...and yay for new beach friends!)

iPhone-wielding redheads in Newark

Mommy's absolute favorite photo from the vacay:

Pictures by Grandpa and Grandma!


Grandpa the Photojournalist

Mommy and Daddy are thrilled to have Grandma and Grandpa living in town for so many reasons! One bonus reason is Grandpa's skill as a personal photojournalist - given the rate at which he creates great shots of me, we'll soon be wallpapering the house with images of my face.

Looking our Sunday best
Foam block pit at the indoor gym
Pensive moment at the indoor gym
At the circus with Grandma & Grandpa
Super fun, super long - exciting and exhausting!
(some of these pics by Grandma)



Mommy and I went to see the fam in AZ again this January. I have so much fun playing with my aunts, uncle, and cousins!

With Helen, Damian, and the prairie dogs at the Desert Museum

Ridin' javelinas at the Desert museum

Aunt Ethan grows some new ears (and experiences bat-hearing)

Other than that, Mommy didn't remember to take a lot of pictures. We were too busy playing and having fun!


Questionable Parenting/Skill acquisition

P.S. Daddy wants to emphasize that Gracie and I are getting different treats. Mine are Teddy Grahams.


More fun in a box
Nuks all around!
Superdude PJs!


Seriously behind


How many nights?
Dreidel theory with Grandpa
My very own menorah!


Cuttin' down our very own tree

Christmas carols
Lego advent calendar(and yes, that seems to be Santa showering in back in a skimpy bathing suit)

Christmas morning!

More to come!