We Want To Pump You Up

So strong! Rrrrrrrr!!


Three in One

A new video, in which:

  • we revisit one of my favorite games, "Where's Liev?"
  • we play a new game, entitled "What does a doggy say?"
  • viewers can play yet another new game, "What is Liev having for dinner?" (hint: don't forget to check my mouth!)

New Frontiers

Now that I can commando crawl with the best of them, and even climb a little, I've been doing some exploring. Today I went from the living room to the kitchen, then through to the dining room, then to lands hitherto unexplored by me. It turns out there were no dragons there, merely an interesting cave to explore:




I've been acquiring new skills at a dizzying pace. I can high five, wave bye-bye, point, feed myself all sorts of solids, and commando crawl everywhere. Here's my newest skill (the 'rents are a little alarmed):

Some stills: ...and me in action:


Piano for Four Hands

(Apologies for the rudimentary rendering -- Mommy's still learning how to use Windows Moviemaker)