Y is for Lellow

...and that spells Roy G. Biv!


3 is the number of Liev!

I turned 3 on July 4th! America turned a little older than that. M&D were so excited to take me to the fireworks since I was old enough to stay up for them. I opted to spend the time at the fireworks with my head buried in Daddy's shoulder pleading, "I want to go home!!!" So we went home. My birthday party was way more fun: grandparents, friends, balloons, pizza, cake, presents, and an awesome soccer shirt with my name and age on the back.

Pensive pizza
Fife and drum and toddlers
Elmo cake courtesy of Daddy!
Daddy and Sandy helped me blow out the candles. I hardly got any spit on the cake!

It was a very fun birthday!

Pictures by Grandpa!


Aunt Ethan came to visit and it was Super Fun!

Aunt Ethan came to visit! It was a short visit, but we did so much!

We went to the Farmer's Market! And the Capitol!
We played Legos!
We drew chalk pictures!
We swung on the swings!
We painted our toenails!
We went to the Terrace, where we looked very small for some reason.
We sat by the lake!
Aunt Ethan taught me to play Doodlejump on her iPod Touch!
I loooove Doodlejump.
Did I mention how much I love Doodlejump?
Eventually I just pilfered Aunt Ethan's iPod Touch so I could play Doodlejump all by myself. Aunt Ethan was very nice about the whole thing.
Gracie was also super excited to have Aunt Ethan here.
I think Aunt Ethan had so much fun here, she's a Cheesehead now!
That's okay, so am I!
I hope Aunt Ethan comes back very soon!