Special Guest Portraitist

My Grandpa's getting to be a real wiz at PhotoShop! Not that I have any blemishes to fix, mind you. (Thank goodness, the awkwardness of baby acne is behind me.) What you see below is my naturally beautiful visage, optimally lit and surrrounded by an artistic PhotoShopped background. Every baby should be so lucky as to have a personal portraitist!


My Dog Gracie

Now that I've noticed her, Gracie is my favorite new toy! We like to cuddle together on Mommy's lap -- I pat Gracie and she gives me really gentle kisses. So far, Gracie doesn't seem to mind the attention -- it probably helps that her hair is too short for me to get a good grip. Darn for me! (Good for Gracie.)


My Village

It turns out I'm a really lucky boy. Not only do I have adoring parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, I also have lots and lots of friends. And they all show me in so many ways how very much I am loved.

For instance, my honorary Aunt Sheri is a whiz at painting. Just check this out!
Do you see the little red-haired boy on the step stool? That's me! I can't wait until I'm big enough to sit on my new little step stool or step on it to help me reach high places. For now, it's just fun to pat it!


Musings on being 4 months old

I noticed I have a dog!
One hand in the mouth is good. Two are better!
Feet are elusive and fascinating.
There are consonants! G is good for saying "goo."
Rolling front to back: fun! Back to front: not so much.
Smiles and giggles are best used liberally:



Apparently, my Dad never broke his toys. See?

I'm not sure how all of Dad's toys survived for 35 years (Grandma hermetically sealed them?), but they're all mine now!!! I shall do my best to make sure they don't make it another 35 years...

Halloween II

In the grand tradition of The Simpsons, here we present another Halloween special, weeks late but worth the wait:

Two smiling Jack-o-lanterns



I'm 4 months old!!

How big is Liev? Soooooooo big!

How much red is Liev wearing? Soooooooo much!! Goes well with my 4th of July birthday cap. Still fits, even though I'm twice (!) my original size.

(Soooooooo big!)