My Trip to Florida

We went to Florida in March and had a so fun time! Our flight there was bumpy and we had to circle a bunch (turns out there was a tornado going by on the ground!), but after that we had perfect weather.

Perfect for going to the playground!

Perfect weather for going to the pool!

Perfect weather for the Zoo!

Perfect weather for the beach!

Also, I played guitar and sang. It was also good weather for that.

I was a little worn out by the end of the week.

I had a very fun time. Perhaps next year I will actually go in the ocean! Or not, no biggie.

Pictures by Grandpa! (Mostly.)


I just had my very first haircut ever! My friend Eddy got a haircut the other day. This made a big impression on me, and I came home and asked Mommy and Daddy if I could have one, too. M&D thought that was a good idea, since I was having trouble seeing through my curls (see below).
I was enthusiastic until faced with the prospect of actually getting my hair cut. There was much crying and fit-throwing, and this was before I even got in the car. Daddy was brave and sat in the chair first to show me how it's done. I was not impressed. Then Mommy turned on the portable DVD player and I was rendered defenseless (i.e. zombified) by Toy Story 2 . Woody helped me watch it. I almost didn't notice when Miss Laura started cutting my hair.
Eventually, I even acquiesced to a drape.
Afterward, I noted (with wonder) that it didn't hurt at all!

Check out the final result:
Mommy and Daddy and I like it very much!



New skills!!!

First Set of Wheels

Jump Shot