New Hat

Daddy made it!

New Skill

I looooooove drinking water!

New Game

I invented it myself!


Boys Bein' Boys


Playin' Legos


This Chair Be High, Says I

Mommy and Daddy are tired of trying to feed me in random positions on the floor (and tired of cleaning oatmeal and squash out of the carpet), so Nanna got me this sweet new chair. I can't wait to goober all over it!


Swimmin' fool

This past weekend I entered a new world -- a really wet one! I started swim lessons with my friends Alex and Lauren. Boy, was it fun!! We sang songs, splashed in the water, kicked our feet, and played with toys. Mommy got in the pool with me, and Daddy took a billion pictures. I can't wait until next week!



As you can clearly tell, I'm working on my rendition of "The Girl From Ipanema." Though sometimes my improvisations favor Webern. It all depends on my mood. (Oh, that artistic temperament...)

Christmas in AZ

Wow! I had such a busy holiday! I went on my first plane flight and was SO good, I didn't cry once, not even when our flight back to Wisconsin was cancelled and we had to spend the night in Minneapolis with no car and no luggage (thanks to the 'rents for packing plenty of diapers and clothes for me in the carry-on!).

The non-travel parts of the holiday were good too -- 60 degree weather, spending time with my cousins Jane and Helen, my Aunts and Uncle, and my Nanna, getting to stay up late, and meeting Aunt Ethan's horse. Plus my first taste of turkey. Yum!

Here is my favorite gift I got for Christmas:

As you can see, it was delicious! It came wrapped around something, but I can't remember what.

Hope your holidays were fun, too!